best compound bow reviews

Before diving into the best compound bow reviews, let’s quickly recap some history. Archery, which comes from the Latin word “arcus”, has existed for well over 10,000 years, and for good reason. Once mainly used for war and hunting, it has now evolved to be used for mainly recreational and competitive events. It is also still prevalent in hunting, although not as popular as it was back in the day. As time went on, compound bows started to be introduced. These bows had many advantages over recurve bows, the main thing being that they have a let off. A let off is basically a reduction in the force required to hold the arrow back when the bow is fully drawn. This makes the bow very approachable for people as their arms won’t get tired as fast and they can focus on their target much easier.

Predictably, as the demand for compound bows went up, so did the supply. Nowadays there are a wide variety of compound bows, with each one having their special quirks and features. This can make it harder for the consumers to find the one that is right for them. At the end of the day, the only real difference between compound bows is their brace height, draw weight, draw length and let off. Everything else is just personal preference or purely aesthetic value.

The right bow for you depends on the manner that you are thinking of using it. A higher draw weight will enable you to shoot faster or have a higher Kinetic Energy value of your arrow, but if it is too heavy for you, you will just get tired and not use it as much or as efficiently as you could. Regardless, some people just want to have the fastest, strongest bow that they can get and for them we have covered just a bow down below, in addition to some of the other best compound bows. Without further ado, here are the best compound bow reviews:

Summary Chart

Name SAS Rage Bear Archery Cruzer Bear Archery Attitude Diamond By Bowtech Core Bowtech Carbon Knight Black Ops Quest Radical Precision Shooting Equipment Madness
sas rage bear archery bear archery 71nt0ikkjl-_sl1500_ 41jlgzdfgsl quest radical precision shooting
Max Speed 270 FPS 310 FPS 310 FPS 313 FPS 335 FPS 295 FPS 342 FPS
Let Off 70% 75% 80 % 75 % 80% 75% 80 %
Draw Weight 55-70 lb. 5-70 lb. 60-70 lb. 40-70 lb. 60-70 lb. 15-70 lb. 50-70 lb.
Draw Length 26”- 30” 12” – 30” 25” – 32” 25” – 30” 26.5” – 30.5” 17.5” – 30” 24” – 30”
Brace Height N/A 6.5” 7.25” 7.25” 7” 7.125” 6”
Weight 4.4 lb. 3.6 lb. 3.7 lb. 3.2 lb. 3.2 lb. 3.25 lb. 4.1 lb.
Price $ $$ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$ $$$$


Best Budget Compound Bow

SAS Rage

sas rage

The SAS Rage is a bow that you can show to someone to prove that you don’t need to pay $300+ for a good bow. And don’t mistake this for no child’s toy either – with rated IBO speed of 270 FPS this is a powerful and dangerous tool if not used properly.

The Rage comes with an adjustable draw weight between 55 lb. to 70 lb. which is a respectable range. If you find that 55 lb. or even 40 lb. draw weights are a bit too much you might want to look into the best compound bows for beginners article here. You can also adjust its draw length around 4 inches from 26” to 30” which is respectable.

Something to note about this bow is that it have a pretty flat/aggressive force curve which will make it harder to use for people who are used to practicing on lower poundage. As mentioned before, this is a fully fledged, high impact bow that you can use to even hunt down animals with. But that’s what makes it so good – it has the price of a beginner bow but has the power of an advanced bow. It is a little heavier than other bows and is perhaps not the fastest but overall a fantastic choice for its price range.

Most Versatile Compound Bow

Bear Archery Cruzer

bear archeryBear Archery is a well-respected name in the bow industry, and for good reason. They make good quality bows, and are competitively priced and have second to none customer service. However, there is something special about this bow and it’s the sheer amount of customizable range. The only other bow that comes close is the Quest Radical but it has a smaller range and is more expensive.

You can adjust the draw weight of this bow anywhere from 5 to 70 lb. It’s not a typo; you can indeed go all the way down to 5 pounds if you want to give it to your kids to try out. The best thing about this is that the person using this bow can start off at a low weight and progressively get higher and higher which makes it the best compound bow as a present for you kids. It can be tuned to a minimum draw length of 12” so your kids should have no issues using it. But it’s not just designed for kids; everyone from all age groups can use it without any problems as those that want power can enjoy shooting it at 70 lb. with 310 FPS speed – a draw weight and FPS that matches some bows in the upper tiers.

Another thing that we liked about this bow was the fact that it came with a cost effective kit that had many different kinds of extras in it. Some of the things included in it were a whisker basket arrow rest, a wrist strap, a stabilizer and a fiber optic site that has 4 needles for different ranges. This makes the bow highly usable from the moment you get it so you won’t need to worry about purchasing any accessories apart from arrows.

Best 340 FPS+ Compound Bow

Precision Shooting Equipment Madness

precision shooting

There are those who like to have fast bows. And then there are those for whom the best compound bow is one that will release arrows at the fastest possible speed. This is where Precision Shooting Madness comes in. Appropriately named, this bow is one of the top bows that you can get right now. It’s definitely the fastest in all of our compound bow reviews, and we only chose the best compound bows. At a blazing fast 342 feet per second, this is the fastest that you can go without paying an outrageous amount or having to resort to custom mods which could potentially cause issues.

It comes with an adjustable draw length with around 6 inches of variance and has a brace height of 6”. The draw weights are pretty standard, and they range from 50 lb. to 70 lb. with 10 lb. increments in between. But if you’re going to be shooting this bad boy at top speed, you won’t need to worry about this as you should just set it at 70 lb. and forget about it. However it is nice to have the draw weight range as you can choose to tune it down a bit if your shoulder starts to hurt or if you’re getting tired. Shooting at top speed is fun but it can take some time to get used to 70 lb. if you have not shot this heavy before.

It features a light and smooth draw with a reasonable valley and pretty solid back wall. Something else that we liked about this bow was the fact that it comes with a few noise dampening features that are built in which come in really useful if you choose to hunt with this.

PSE is a reputable company and makes some of the best compound bows, which is important considering the investment that you make when you buy this bow. At this power, you don’t want any kind of shortcuts in the build quality of the bow. And while it will set you back a few hundred dollars, it is easily comparable to bows that are worth up to a $1000, which should say something about its quality. Overall, if you are looking for a beast of a compound bow, that’s also solidly built and well-priced, the PSE Madness is the best choice for you.