best snake proof boots

Whether you are out on a hunt, trying to capture some game, or you are out hiking, a pair of snake proof boots is irreplaceable even if there’s even a smallest chance that you might encounter a snake. A whopping 7000-8000 people every year receive venomous snake bites, and that is just in the US. Pretty much every state apart from Alaska and Hawaii has at least 1 type of venomous snake. This is why finding the best snake proof boots is important.

The most fatal snake bites are attributed to the western and eastern diamondback rattlesnake. On the other hand, copperheads are way more likely to bite but their venom is not as powerful. However, don’t be fooled into getting “diamondback specialized” snake proof boots or something similar. There is no specialized boots of any kind really, so the only thing you’re getting is ripped off. A good and high quality snake boot will protect against virtually every kind of snake bite.


best snake proof boots
Pretty sure that there’s no boot to protect against that kind of bite – if there is, let me know!

What Constitutes a Good Snake Proof Boot?

The most important thing to look for to find the best snake proof boots is the materials it is made of as well as the height of the boot itself. Generally speaking, the taller the better but as with all things, you do not want reduced comfort and freedom of movement. Flexibility is also important as walking with 2 boots that feel like are made of wood will not do particularly well for your ankles especially on longer trips. As for materials, you want to look for something that has thick leather at the very least. There aren’t that many types of snakes who have fangs sharp enough to penetrate thick leather. Thick rubber will also work well if you are on a budget but if you have the money it is better to just get leather boots. Kevlar boots would have been the most protective if not for the fact that there are no manufacturers that make tall boots with Kevlar but the properties of Kevlar make it an unfeasible choice in boot making.

Problem Solved – I’ll Just Avoid the Snakes!

You may also be thinking that you can just simply evade snakes and try not to cross their path and you will be good. While it is true that snakes are not likely to bite unless provoked, the issue is that the snakes have adapted to their environment and are often very well camouflaged. You might be focused on something else and suddenly and unexpectedly step or intrude on a venomous snake – swish, and now you’re bitten.

What If I Got Bitten?

Now the odds are in your favor that you will survive – but get ready to experience a lot of pain. If you do get bitten, then the first thing you should do is try to shout for help or call an emergency service. Preferably, you should already have some kind of anti-toxin ready for the types of snakes that you could encounter but if you don’t time is a priority here. Don’t get too nervous as the increased heart rate will distribute the venom throughout your body at a much faster pace. It’s also important to note the shape, color and overall general characteristics of the snake that bit you so that the emergency responders know which anti-toxin to give you. Don’t suck the venom out and don’t put any ice on it.

Name LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Danner Men’s Pronghorn Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro
 best snake proof boots  best snake proof boots  best snake proof boots  best snake proof boots
Weight (pair) 5 lb. 4 lb. 4 oz. 3lb. 10 oz. 4 lb 13 oz.
Height/Shaft 18” 15.5” 16” 16”
Heel 2” 1.25” 1.5” 2”
Platform 1” 0.5 1” 1”
Material Full-Grain Leather and 1000 Denier nylon Leather Full-Grain Leather Natural Rubber Over Insulating Neoprene
Waterproof? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sole Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber
Price $$ $$$ $$ $
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My Recommendation

My personal recommendation would be the LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent. Pretty much any of the above boots are good choices but the Venom Scent has everything that I need. For one, it has the highest shaft length which shields your foot just a bit more than the other boots. And while they are one of the heaviest ones, they fit comfortably and I have personally not found any issues with them. Mine did make my ankle slightly sore and the zipper was kind of annoying to use but thankfully after breaking it in for a few weeks, they now function properly.

No issues at all when crossing small streams, and no leaks from all the times that I have used it. Yes there are some people that report that their boots leaked but such is the case with every other boot – you always have good and bad apples, so to say. Additionally, the fit can be a little tight if your calves are bigger than average. With that said, I’ve personally not experienced any issues and as such recommend them to anyone looking for the best snake proof boots.