best trail camera

Picking out the best trail camera can be confusing at first with all of available options and varieties. Photo quality, video quality, video framerate, flash type and wired/wireless all depend on what your needs are. That’s why I’ve sifted through all of the current best trail cameras to boil it down to the top 4. These cameras were selected for their durability, quality and reliability.

Best Trail Camera Reviews

1. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG

Stealth Cam is a known and trusted maker of game cameras as their products consistently get good reviews from the people using them. The same applies to the G42-No Glo camera, with over 700 reviews and a 4.2 star rating, it’s easy to see that this one is a crowd pleaser. Like specified in the name (No-Glo), this camera can take infrared pictures and to be honest, they turned out much better than I had originally anticipated. You can see how the pictures look like as posted by a reviewer here.

Like with other game cameras, you can set up the camera to take pictures at specific intervals, with this camera ranging from 5 seconds to 59 min 59 seconds. My favorite feature about this camera is how truly inconspicuous it is. Even though I knew exactly where I placed it, I had a hard time finding it in the night. You can very easily double this camera as a surveillance security camera as it makes no noise when taking the pics. The camera connects via a mini-B USB port and you have to purchase the sd card and batteries separately. My biggest advice is to not skimp out on some walgreens batteries and get yourself so duracell or other premium ones as you don’t want to have a camera that’s out of batteries within a few weeks.


2. Browning Strike Force Sub Micro Game Camera

 Browning Strike Force Sub Micro Game Camera

Another great choice for those looking for a solid game camera, the Browning Strike force features a 10 MP sensor (meaning it captures 10 million pixels worth of information at once) that will make the pictures look good. I’ve found the built in IR flash to work as expected, and you can see the how the pictures for the camera look here. The IR flash is also advertised to have a range of 100 feet but I found that after 80 or so feet, it becomes too dark to make out any details. A small thing, but worth noting.

A feature that I liked is that you only need 6 batteries as opposed to 8 that many other cams have. It has a quick 0.67 second trigger speed which should capture pretty much anything that moves past its sensor. And in terms of capturing, you can also set it to record high definition videos with sound ranging from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. The built in software to view photos on the computer is a nice touch as well. All in all, this trail camera should definitely be taken into consideration if you’re looking for the best game cameras.


3. Stealth Cam P14 Digital Scouting Camera

 Browning Strike Force Sub Micro Game Camera

If you’re looking for a game camera but on a budget, this entry by Stealth Cam is a good choice for you. Using factory settings, this camera can last you almost a whole year, which is a big plus. The camera sensor is 7 MP, but as a result of that you can cram more pictures onto your SD card. I’ve found that when I used a 16 GB card, the card held about 600 pictures at one time which isn’t too bad. Like the other stealth cam, you can set the recovery time to be anywhere from 4 seconds to 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

This camera also features a video option that could record up to 15 seconds. The IR emitter works well up to around 40 feet as specified by the manufacturer. The IR emitter has 14 points of emission. Just because it’s a good budget camera doesn’t mean that it’s not that good as the trail cam features over 750 positive reviews on amazon as of now. Everything considered, this a very solid entry game cam compared to other cams, and its the best trail cam in its price range. They even offer a even cheaper version that’s under $60, the P12, but featuring only a 6 MP camera and 12 IR emitters, I wouldn’t say the drop in quality is worth paying 1 coffee price less.


4. Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera

Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera

Featuring a 12 Megapixel sensor including a 5 MP CMOS sensor, you can already guess that this camera takes great pictures. This is the largest sensor out of all the cameras here, and while after a point bigger doesn’t make it better, the results speak for themselves. However, just having good daylight pictures is nice but having good infrared nighttime pictures is just as important for me. The built in IR does feature 42 pieces but the range is up to 65 feet as reported by the manufacturer. Customers have reported that measurement to be fairly accurate however the Stealth Cam G42’s range greatly surpasses this one which is why the G42 takes the #1 spot for me.

The video sizes offered are 1080p at 15 fps, 720p at 30 fps and a few lower resolutions at 30 fps. The largest image it can take is 4000 x 3000 which is good enough to zoom in quite a bit without losing much quality when you view it. The trigger distance is up to 65 feet and the maximum SD card slot supported is 32 GB. Overall in terms of the quality, this is a well built game camera and the batteries should last you around 6 months. It comes with a 1 year warranty.