The company behind BOGS have been making shoes for over 50 yeas so you can safely assume that they have experience in knowing what makes a great hunting boot or not. The shoe of theirs that we will be reviewing today is the bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Boot which promises a lot of great features and features an attractive price – but will it deliver on its promises or are they just another pair of good old hunting boots? Let’s find out.


Upper Section: 7mm Neo-Tech rubber
Insole: Aegis antimicrobial odor protection insole
Sole: Rubber

Neo-tech rubber is basically a slightly altered version of neoprene providing all the same benefits that neoprene has over rubber. Neoprene itself is a useful materials with a big variety of uses such as electrical insulation, fly fishing waders, laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces, training knives, etc. The fact that it exhibits a good chemical stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range is one of its main benefits. Basically it means that it won’t get solid and crack when you are outside or hunting in really cold weather which can be very annoying if it happens to you.


The Neo-Tech rubber is also hand-lasted which means that there was a pair of human hands and eyes to judge the tightness and amount of force need to apply to create great shoes. While machines are good at automating tasks that require identical requirements, hand-lasting ensures that you not only have the machine making the boot but a person verifying it for extra quality, in theory at the very least.

The Aegis antimicrobial odor protection insole basically contains a polymer C-18 which acts like a mini sword puncturing cell membranes and shocking the cells to prevent any odor forming bacteria to build up. The coat lasts a long time and is completely safe for humans to use.

Useful Features

Scent Protection – Another inherent benefit of the non-leather boots lies in the fact that they don’t leave any scent behind. When you are trying to focus in on your game, it is generally helpful to find the game before it knows you’re there. Not to be forgotten, you also have to make sure that your body knees up is also scent free, but knee down you will be good as long as you wear the Lacrosse Aeroheads.

Neo-Tech (neoprene) – Now while neoprene and rubber are basically close cousins in terms of their overall qualities and attributes, a useful benefit of having neoprene is that its molecular structure allows it to stretch easier than rubber which can helps to alleviate one of the biggest problems that rubber hunting boots have – and that is the inability to conform to the shape of your foot.

Ease of Removal – These boots have a little nub that rests at the back of the heel and it is a really useful addition as many people have come to find out. It allows you to remove your boots using the good old way of using your foot as a prop to remove the boot off the other shoe as opposed to trying to pull it away and getting your hands muddy. It’s interesting at how useful such a small well placed piece of plastic can be.

Waterproofness – While the leather boots, especially the ones in the higher end section of the scale, can be excellent at repelling water and even more so when you coat them with an aftermarket water repellent, there’s no comparison to when it comes to neoprene. Neoprene is pretty much rubber and as such, if fully intact, will repel water easily and absolutely 100% without any need to coat it with any additional aftermarket water repellents. While both neoprene and leather boots have their advantages and disadvantages, neoprene hunting boots hands down win at waterproofness.

Potential Improvements

Size Discrepancy – A relatively small problem, but these boots tend to run 1 size too small so order 1 size larger when you buy it to alleviate this problem. Otherwise your foot will be all tight and uncomfortable not to mention full of blisters. Plus nobody likes returning products and getting replacements, we are all too busy with out lives to waste days where we could go hunting.


Comfort/Fit:4 stars
Construction:4.5 stars
Height: 15″
Weight (each boot): 2.0 lb
Overall Value:4.5 stars

With everything considered, these boots are a great choice to take with you out hunting. Their neoprene build ensures 100% waterproofness, and their great value is hard to beat especially when compared to the higher end leather hunting boots. To see more reviews and check out the price over at amazon, you can just click here.